Refresh Your Home This New Year With The Best Home Store in Carrollton at Trinity Plaza

Refresh Your Home This New Year With The Best Home Store in Carrollton at Trinity Plaza

After a long year of working at home, you may have been pondering the idea of redecorating your space. Wallpaper Place/Marissa’s Interiors is a home store in Carrollton where you can shop a multitude of different decor and design options for every room of your home. At Wallpaper Place, will have access to the professional guidance needed to get the job done right. Stop by today to upgrade your home in Carrollton at Trinity Plaza:

Shop for Custom Interior Design Pieces at This Home Store in Carrollton 

One of our favorite things about shopping in Carrollton for home decor at Wallpaper Place/ Marissa’s Interiors is the option to work with designers on custom pieces. Whether you want to have custom shutters made for your kitchen windows or have a spectacular idea for unique wallpaper, the design team at Wallpaper Place/Marissa’s Interiors can help you find the perfect look to make your design dreams a reality for your home. 

Give Your Home A Facelift with New Window Coverings 

Sometimes, all a space really needs to have new life breathed into it is a new set of curtains or stylish blinds. No matter what your personal preferences are, the selection of window coverings at this home store at Trinity Plaza is sure to have something perfect for your space. With dozens of different colors, patterns, and custom design options, you have an endless array of options from which to choose. 

Not Your Mama’s Wallpaper 

Many people turn up their noses to the idea of adding wallpaper to their home decor because of childhood decor-related trauma caused by bad design decisions. Don’t miss out on stunning designer wallpaper by dismissing the inspiring selection here at Wallpaper Place/Marissa’s Interiors. Don’t see something you love? The design team is experts at tracking down the perfect patterns and colors to fit your theme. 

Find the best home store in Carrollton at our shopping center to make the most of every dollar in your design budget. Looking for more home stores in Carrollton? Check out our directory today! 

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Fun Halloween Decorations Ideas in Carrollton at Trinity Plaza

Fun Halloween Decorations Ideas in Carrollton at Trinity Plaza

If you’re looking to spook up your home, yard or wardrobe this season, Trinity Plaza is your perfect go-to. Decorate your lawn with the scariest supplies in season while your guests tiptoe to your door in agony. With the latest scare tactics, you’ll not only have the best-decorated yard but you’ll save on fun Halloween decoration ideas in Carrollton: 

Party On with Halloween Decoration Ideas at Party City

Still looking to get ready for Halloween night? Party City in Carrollton has plenty to offer you and your family this season. From costumes to party supplies to DIY creations, you won’t run out of ideas here. Shop with Party Pick Up so you can save time and money while getting into the spooky spirit. 

Staying Silky Smooth with Threads in Carrollton

If you’d rather wear your festive ideas and decorations, Silk Threads at Trinity Plaza can help you out. Wrap yourself in custom designs, bridal or men and women’s collections for the entire evening. Don’t miss out on their upcoming events for the season as well. 

Bringing Spooky to Your Holiday Decor

Wallpaper Place/Marissa’s Interiors puts the decor in home decoration. If you have plans for making your home look as scary as the full moon night, don’t forget about this hidden gem. Find exclusive deals on window coverings, wallpaper, interior design services and more. 

Being scary for Halloween doesn’t have to be hard or take much effort. With Trinity Plaza in Carrollton, you can find everything you need to have fang-tastic, spook-tacular evenings during the holiday season. For more on Trinity Plaza and what to do in Carrollton, follow our blogs and directory pages today! 

Trinity Plaza is offered by Weitzman. Weitzman is one of the leading commercial real estate companies in North Texas. Weitzman offers a full range of Commercial Real Estate services including Project Representation, Tenant Representation and Investment Sales and, is also a leading Asset Management and Development Services Commercial Real Estate firm.

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