Clip Cuts: Hair Salon in Carrollton at Trinity Plaza

Getting a new look is one of the nicest feelings in the world. Clip Cuts knows that to be true and works to give that feeling to every each of their clients. When wanting to add some flair to your style, you can also pamper yourself to other services as well. Clip Cuts in Carrollton is your one-stop shop for looking and feeling fabulous at Trinity Plaza!

Experienced Hair Care Professionals  

You can get the style you’ve been trying for from an experienced hair care professional. Staying up to date with the most recent trends and styles from Clip Cuts in Carrollton is the most reliable way to keep your look fresh. Our licensed stylists have the passion, training, and motivation to upgrade your current look into a brand new one.

Hair Styling  

There are so many new popular hairstyles for this season, and trending hair accessories as well. Clip Cuts knows how to style them and can help you pick which one is best for your hair. Whatever you need for your style, Trinity Plaza can help you get where you want to be.

Hair Coloring  

A new hair color will help you feel vibrant and confident! There’s nothing as refreshing as looking in the mirror and seeing a new, updated person! Sometimes you just need a retouch to hide the grey. Highlights after a new style can make you feel that extra sparkle.


From eyebrows to lips, a professional waxing service can make you feel beautiful in no time! A comfortable experience that should give you a smooth feel and added confidence as well! A reputable hair salon like Clip Cuts does great work at removing hair as it does fixing it.

Facials at a Hair Salon in Carrollton

A deep cleansing facial treatment will help your skin feel refreshed in no time. Not only will it supply you with that refreshing glow, but it will also be instrumental in improving acne, opening pores and improving blood flow. Just another way to feel more like yourself with Clip Cuts in Trinity Plaza.

No matter what you need, Clip Cuts in Carrollton is here to give you the ultimate Trinity Plaza experience. Give them a call at (972) 242-0863 to learn more about Clip Cuts’s services. Find more ways to feel more confident by taking a look at our directory today!

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