Find Healthy Food in Carrollton This Season at Trinity Plaza

You can find healthy food in Carrollton at Trinity Plaza. We have a place here that brings a unique set of flavors to your family’s table. Bring in the family or take it home to enjoy the leftovers later. Stop by today to find healthy food in Carrollton at Trinity Plaza:

Café Brazil Brings Healthy Food in Carrollton To Your Family

The delicious recipes of a coffee house are just the beginning of Café Brazil. They offer a great meal to your kids. They’ll love the zesty breakfast choices. Come in for the Açaí bowl, which is a traditional fruit from Brazil. Try a loaded breakfast bowl for something unique. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a breakfast taco. Try them. They’re excellent. End the meal with a Lavender cup of hot or cold coffee.

Café Brazil Lunches

Like the breakfast offerings, the choices at Café Brazil for lunch add something special to your healthy food in Carrollton selections. Start with the Southwest Chorizo Rolls. Then add Lemon Chicken Pasta for your main course. Finish with not Brazilian, but good fried ice cream. They offer several other amazing entrées and desserts. Come see what you think. Their drinks are tasty too.

Café Brazil Gift Certificates

Give the gift of healthy food to someone you love with their gift certificates. Invite them over for a festive Saturday morning gathering. You can also cater to them at any location you want. Try their unique coffee offerings for a taste of the country that is famous for coffee beans. Their coffee bags are great for gifting the new teachers for the year. Buy them ground or with whole beans. They’re great either way.

Trinity Plaza is the best place to gather for some of the best coffee in the city. Try the unique and healthy food choice of an Açaí bowl for an on-the-go breakfast that you’ll feel good feeding the kids. Grab some coffee to take with you for the next morning. Looking to find healthy food in Carrollton? Check out our directory today!

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Hacks for Healthy Food in Carrollton with Trinity Plaza

Most families have a few members who turn their noses up at broccoli and barely pick at a side salad. If this sounds like your family, then these hacks for healthy food in Carrollton may make meal time easier for everyone. These healthy food trends will make it easier for your family to eat healthy meals at home. Especially for those busy weekdays when eating out at your favorite Trinity Plaza restaurants isn’t an option.

Best Tip for Healthy Food in Carrollton: Make Small Changes

Changing everything at once could end with a family revolt, so small gradual changes are recommended. Change one thing out for a few meals then add another healthier option. One of our favorite hacks for healthy food in Carrollton is to use healthier choices when shopping for groceries. Trinity Plaza has plenty of great options for healthier food choices. Buying items such as wheat bread instead of white or riced cauliflower instead of white rice will make family mealtime healthier.

Dress the Veggies Up

Steamed carrots are better without any added sugar but if a pinch of sugar gets your kids to eat them it is a compromise worth making. Getting 80% of the vitamins and nutrients is better than none so this is an excellent hack for healthy food in Carrollton. Trying different veggies that they make like is a good option as well. Luckily, Trinity Plaza has a wide selection of stores where you can find new vegetables to cook with or try in ready to eat meals.

Don’t Serve Adult Size Portions

Remember that kids can’t and shouldn’t eat the same amount of food that adults eat. This is important when you are trying some of the choices for healthy food in Carrollton at Trinity Plaza. Much of the struggle over mealtime involves trying to force kids to eat an adult-sized serving of veggies. Serve them fewer vegetables to build the habit of eating all of their vegetables early on.

Avoid Snacking Throughout the Day

Think about the way you eat and when food is the most appealing. Usually when you haven’t eaten in a while or when you haven’t had that particular food for a while. Now for kids, the same is true. They are more likely to eat what you put on their plate if they haven’t been snacking on junk food all day. This is key for implementing new choices for healthy food in Carrollton with Trinity Plaza.

Bottom line is to make small changes and build from there. Finding healthy food that your kids will actually eat will help them feel more confident about trying new options. Take a look at our directory today to find more options for healthy food in Carrollton with Trinity Plaza.

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Trinity Plaza is offered by Weitzman. Weitzman is one of the leading commercial real estate companies in North Texas. Weitzman offers a full range of Commercial Real Estate services including Project Representation, Tenant Representation and Investment Sales and, is also a leading Asset Management and Development Services Commercial Real Estate firm.

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